What happens if you don't pay your bills?

What happens if you don't pay your bills?

We do everything we can to serve you as our customer as best as possible by providing the services you have purchased from us.

Conversely, we also expect our customers to pay their invoices on time. Of course, it may happen that you cannot pay an invoice on time. We fully understand this, provided you inform us of this in a timely manner. We will then think along with you.

Nice to know

  • Our invoices have a payment term of 14 days
  • Have you set up direct debit? Then you don't have to do anything
  • Does a direct debit fail? Then you must pay the amount manually via iDEAL
  • After a failed direct debit, the invoice amount will be increased by EUR 5
  • Has an invoice not been paid after 14 days? You will then receive 3 more reminders spread over 3 weeks
  • After these 3 weeks we will suspend the service, you will no longer be able to use all services in your account until this invoice has been paid.
  • Has the invoice not yet been paid after 3 weeks? We will then transfer the case to a collection agency

We want to avoid handing over invoices to a collection agency. Therefore, always contact us if you have problems paying an invoice. This way we can find a solution together.

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