We are Hostbee

Personal, committed and reliable.

#1 independent hosting provider

Hosting is the same everywhere. But not the company behind it. We are Hostbee. An independent hosting provider that you can rely on. Independent means: no shareholders who determine the course or investors who change course.

No, a close-knit team of online specialists who work with you to ensure online success. We ensure that websites and web shops are accessible anytime and anywhere.

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Focus on what you are good at

Hosting can be a complex matter. That's why we've made our user interface as easy as possible. This way you can easily install WordPress, Joomla or WooCommerce without having to adjust all kinds of settings. We'll guide you through it. And you still can't figure it out? Then we are there.

This is just Hostbee

100% independent

Unlike most hosters, there is no large authority behind our company. No shareholders, investors or others who can change course. As a close-knit team, we determine our own course.

Honesty & transparent

We don't like small print. What it says is what you get. No tacit extensions or high costs afterwards. You know exactly where you stand. Nice for both parties.

Lightning-fast helpdesk

You always need help when you are working on something. Do you have a question? Then of course you want to move on quickly. We realize that. That is why we respond quickly. Also in the evenings and on weekends.

Don't make things difficult

Simply doing it is better than being difficult. We don't like that. That is why we sometimes go a step further with our service. Everything so that we can be happy together.

High uptime

A website or webshop that does not work is not acceptable. A non-functioning website or webshop often costs money. We do everything we can to ensure that you are always available.

Leader with technology

Our team consists of (young) experienced people. We also love new technology. Terms such as IPv6, DNSSEC, GZIP compression and DANE are completely clear. We strive for the highest possible results.

This is what others say about us

via Trustpilot
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After a long collaboration as an agency and web host reseller elsewhere, my previous provider was taken over by a party that I did not want to do business with. For example, I came across an advertisement from Hostbee and I have not regretted it for a second. My customers were neatly transferred to the Hostbee area in the evening. Not a single customer noticed anything about the move. The speeds and support are great. As an agency we are very happy with this collaboration.
Rachel Beeks
via Trustpilot
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Surprisingly good especially for the price. I host my own blog without any problems.
via Trustpilot
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Above expectations. My website was extremely slow with the old host. Hence the switch. The website is noticeably faster. Online mail environment is also very nice.
via Trustpilot
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Nice hosting with clear introductory email. The only downside may be that you cannot contact us by telephone. But you can't expect that for this price. The quality and support via the live chat are great!
via Trustpilot
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We created a WordPress blog for our long trip to America. WordPress was ready in no time and we could get started straight away. Haven't run into anything yet. I can recommend Hostbee to everyone!
David Two-wheelers
via Trustpilot
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Switched with hesitation because there were few reviews. I haven't regretted it for a second. Website was transferred for free and everything works great

Your website or webshop safe

Research has shown that more than 73.2% of WordPress websites are vulnerable. To prevent your (WordPress) website from being hacked, we have a proactive malware and virus scanner on all our servers. Prevention is certainly better than cure in this case.

No resold data

We do not have any agreements with other companies. Your data is safe with us. We also don't resell anything. Your files, email and data are stored securely according to strict European legislation. Your digital mail is safe and the content is not sold to advertisers.