Most complete stream package in the Netherlands!

Reliable stream hosting in the Netherlands. Includes SSL, web player and request system. Temporarily including a free domain name. Online within 60 seconds.

Stream hosting in the Netherlands


The perfect basis for streaming

normally €14.99

€7.99 p/m

First month free with promotional code 'free month'


For stations up to 75 listening slots

normally €17.99

€9.99 p/m

First month free with promotional code 'free month'


For stations that want more capacity

normally €32.99

€15.99 p/m

First month free with promotional code 'free month'

Web hosting + stream hosting + Buma and Sena

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for your radio station? We offer an affordable package. We will provide you with a domain name, web hosting, a website and a stream server including music rights. Choose a template, provide your data and go live in just a few clicks.

€ 75,- per month all-in

Do you want our stream hosting? free to attempt?

Do you want to set up an audio or radio stream yourself? Try a stream server free of charge for 30 days. Make it easy for your listeners to connect and listen in, complete with an advanced car DJ. Start setting up your stream right away.

All-in-1 stream packages

Our streaming packages have everything you need to get started. You don't have to purchase any extras. We have you covered from A to Z. You can also easily adjust your package on-the-go.

Stream hosting

€ 7,99

/ per month

Stream hosting but complete

With a stream server from Hostbee you can easily stream via our simple control panel. Create playlists and rotations for a good variety of music, add DJs for live streaming and easily build a web player for your website. You can also place an automated request system on your website so that listeners can choose a song themselves.

Radio website: beeRadio

We created a custom radio website for beeRadio. This website is equipped with all possible integrations with Icecast and their broadcast system. Are you also looking for a radio website? We are busy creating ready-made radio websites. This way you can have a nice radio website affordably. And the best part is: we offer this as an all-in-1 package. So: web hosting, a website and stream hosting. All this from €40 per month. More information? Then send us a message!

Let's take a look

Frequently asked questions about our stream hosting

Yes! We are working on setting up a ready-made product for radio websites. You will then receive stream hosting, web hosting and a radio website from us. You can easily adjust the content of this radio website yourself. Are you curious about the costs? Then send us a message.

With stream hosting you can start your own audio stream or radio station. You can adjust what a listener hears via our control panel. The listener does not have to download anything, but streams your content via the internet. So you can easily set up your own live stream. 

We support SHOUTcast (V1 and V2) and Icecast stream server.

Would you like advice on which package you need? Contact us via live chat.

Not streaming? Then you can broadcast the car DJ content. You can create playlists in the control panel and schedule them at the desired hours, or when no one is playing. The car DJ then ensures that there is always something to hear.

Yes. We make backups of our servers every day. Did you make a mistake? Then you can restore a backup with just a few clicks.

Start with our stream hosting today.

With a few clicks you can launch your radio station or audio stream on our stream servers.